The best of both worlds for your event

Let us seamlessly mix the traditional and virtual event for you

Hybrid meetings and events are here to stay and may really be the wave of the future when it comes to how events will be done moving forward.   Hybrid meetings and events have some people attend in person while the event is also live streamed to other guests anywhere in the world. 

A simple sales training at a local branch can now be a sales training with your entire team across the country.  With Pulse Productions exclusive broadcast technology, we can seamlessly create a live event that is also broadcast virtually. 

With our Audio/Visual capacity, we can provide the local support for your in-person attendees as well as the broadcast support to your virtual attendees.  A seamless integration of all on site and virtual systems is key to any hybrid meeting and Pulse Productions does it better than anyone. 

We will provide an onsite broadcast engineer to masterfully create an amazing TV like viewing experience for your virtual guests.  Our software also allows for us to bring remote guests from anywhere in the world to be a part of your event. 

Our backup systems are second to none.  It is always a priority which is why every camera records every moment of your event and we have multiple hard drives and internet sources to ensure that you never miss anything and that your stream never goes down. 

Trust Pulse Productions to help you produce the perfect hybrid event, meeting or fundraiser.

Hybrid Graduation Ceremonies

Most companies use web cameras or consumer or low-grade camcorders. We utilize broadcast cameras which are the highest quality cameras and custom software to stream your ceremony anywhere in the world. Multiple cameras give us different angles to keep your viewers engaged during the stream and our backup systems give us the redundancy to provide a seamless stream.

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