Incredible Virtual Events and Meetings

Let our technology elevate your virtual event, meeting or fundraiser.


Whether it is Live Sports, Corporate Training, or a special social event, Pulse Productions’ Live Broadcasting team can bring it to life and stream it anywhere in the world.

Using state of the art Broadcast cameras, custom graphics, computers, and a proprietary platform, we can turn any event into a Television broadcast. We can either record it for your private use or stream it over the internet to your specific group of people.

The final product will have the look and feel of a TV show as our team of producers will manage the event onsite and create beautiful transitions and custom graphics. We can even incorporate any of your videos, PowerPoint slides, and other media into our broadcast and repackage it for use at a later time.

We bring the TV studio to you, using our state of the art mobile platform along with special additions such as teleprompters and more! If you don’t have a location, you can always come to our in-house green screen studio and record your videos there and watch us put it all together right in front of your eyes.

We are the leading Live Streaming and Broadcasting company in the Philadelphia area so trust us to bring your event to life in a whole new way.

Virtual Fundraisers

With many charities and non-profits not able to have their traditional fundraising events during this tough time, Pulse Productions is providing the solution with our virtual fundraisers. Whether you want to take one of your traditional events and make it virtual or have a family Game Night, Trivia Night, or Bingo Event, Pulse Productions can plan and execute it with the highest quality.


We have many ideas including an online auction that we can incorporate into our live stream platform and help you raise the most money you can. Our team of professionals is paving the way for this new style of fundraising.

Trust us to be your virtual partner and to help you continue to raise the funds necessary to support your organization.

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